Video: 2021 Mach 1 Track Day at MSR Houston

Well, the Mach 1 thrived and survived it’s first track day…it had about 150 miles of track time in total and 200 miles are now on the odometer. It drank about 5 to 7 mpg on aggressive laps and 10-ish MPG on less aggressive warmup/cool down laps. I didn’t have time to consider a tire swap, so I did run the stock PS4S tires, which I think did pretty well overall – I cannot see any obvious wear down and will prob continue to run these until they die.

I did manage to get the gopro camera battery to cooperate for a full 2 minutes! Otherwise I would have more to share. Here is the video link (it may need a few hours to process the HD version):

Overall, this car is FUN on a track. Compared to the GT500, this was less “stressful/serious” to drive on a track for the lack of better words (I am not implying by any means that the GT500 is bad – its just a completely different experience!). Maybe a good way to describe it is that the Mach 1 felt more “agile” and less heavy, whereas the GT500 is all business and deliberate.

What I can immediately say is that if you plan to track at all with the Mach 1, it may be worth your while to get/wait for the handling package UNLESS you plan on installing camber plates and different wheel/tires from stock anyways (which I do). I also highly recommend the Recaro seats. The first thing I will likely do is get a similar wheel/tire setup on it like what comes with the handling package to get more contact patch up front. Compared the the GT500 CFTP and our 2016 Mustang GT (which we have a squared 275/35/R19 setup), the “skinnies” up front on the Mach 1 did not seem to grab quite as well (understeer). It is difficult to say if it is the PS4S compound or the tire size, but the the PS4S is a good tire so I feel like tire width is likely the driving factor compared to what I prefer (a touch of oversteer), which is certainly what I get in our 16 GT.

The 6 speed transmission is awesome. It was flawless, and the rev matching was perfect in the track environment (much smoother shifts than I could ever do on my own). I will say though that the DCT in the GT500 is amazing and takes the win for me – but the Mach 1 6 speed is leagues better than our 16 GT and is much more fun to use. The Mach 1 gearbox is tight, deliberate and a touch “heavy/less forgiving”, whereas our 16 GT transmission feels lighter and more forgiving. The clutch feel is a bit stiffer and precise to that of our 16 GT.

The engine note is certainly boomier and deeper than the GT500 (which I feel is more of a mean snarl). Our 16 GT has a Ford Racing/Borla catback exhaust and the Mach 1 is louder by about 20-30% in track mode.

The car is a puller – the power band is great for the track, she likes being above 5000 RPM. I was able to get this car up to 120 on the back straightaway of this track pretty easily, whereas I had to be nearly perfect in my driving line to accomplish that with the 16 GT. It is not fair to compare the pulling aspect to the GT500 – that is a completely different and breathtaking experience, but the Mach 1 holds a definite pulling edge over a regular GT.

Lastly – a few observations from a “break-in” perspective. The car did not have a break-in limp mode and it let me do whatever I wanted; however, it appears the RPM indicator/shift light will not budge from 4,000 RPM until after 1,000 miles. I did take some time to burnish the brakes/attempt to break-in the clutch before ripping it out there.

Let me know of any questions, I’ll do my best to answer!

P.S. – We blew up the clutch in the 16 GT at the end of the day yesterday :frown:

This thing is a blast to drive. I love driving the GT500, but the Mach 1 is right up there in its own way. This one is a stick shift with recaros and the creature comforts package. No ADM on this one, but the first dealer we went to was asking 5K over.

She’s filling in at the track tomorrow while the electrical gremlins in the GT500 are sorted out. I’ll post some video later tomorrow if I’m able to get the gopro to cooperate.