Meet Our First 2021 Mach 1 Mustang Owner!

I have posted a couple replies to some stuff on the new Mach 1. I picked mine up 25 Feb. There are a lot of conflicting things on the new Mach 1. I’ll quickly state what I know. You cannot got the handling package. You cannot get the upgraded rims Ford was showing. I ordered everything I could on the car except the big stereo. I ordered the Front splitter, rear wing, gurney flap for rear wing at the dealership when I picked the car up. Long story short fords pictures on the website do not match what is available. They have changed some things on the build site like the actual rim upgrade. Long story short I ordered what I thought was the track ready version. Ford field rep was called a investigation into the website and what actually comes was inaccurate. I will answer any questions I can. Here is a picture of my Mach 1. Looks a little blue but that’s the lighting at the dealership. Car is Fighter Jet Grey with appearance package. I absolutely love the car so far.