M6G GIVEAWAY: J&M Products Bump Steer Kit

We’ve teamed up again with our friends at J&M Products for another Mustang6G Giveaway Contest!

J&M Products has manufactured a S550 Ford Mustang Bump Steer Kit using Aerospace T6061-T6511 aluminum. The spherical rod end bodies are manufactured from heat treated chrome-moly alloy steel with a clear zinc plating. The Ball in the body is PTFE lined 52100 steel (Rc 56 MIN) and hard chrome plated rated at a static radial load of 18,000 lbs.

For those who may not know, bumpsteer is a change in toe (in or out) when your suspension moves up and down through its travel. As the toe change happens during the suspension movement you could end up with a car that becomes twitchy and less predictable making the car harder to control. Using a bumpsteer kit allows you to fine tune the height of the tie rod helping to reduce or eliminate the bumpsteer making the car easier to drive and predictable again.

Using J&M Products’ bump steer kit, which fits all 2015-present Mustangs with power racks, allows you to correct bump steer and prevent twitchy, unpredictable steering, particularly if you have a lowered vehicle.

Be sure to check out the Giveaway Contest and the full product details of the J&M Products Bump Steer Kit in our forums.