Ford Q4 2020 Sales Released, Mustang Continues Streak as America’s Best Selling Sports Car

Mustang sales totaled 61,090 for the year, marking its sixth straight year as America’s best-selling sports car. Mustang also finished the final quarter on total sales of 13,453 cars. At retail, Mustang sales were up 14.8 percent for the quarter. Combined Q4 retail sales of Shelby GT350 and GT500 increased 36 percent, with retail sales up 14 percent for the year.

Mustang Q4 2020 Sales – 13,453 (-21.4%)
Mustang Q3 2020 Sales – 14,051

Mustang 2020 Total Sales – 61,090 (-15.7%)
Mustang 2019 Total Sales – 72,489