Shelby GT-S Mustangs to Be Built For and Available For Rent Through SIXT

Shelby American has been commissioned to build a group of supercharged 2019 Shelby GT’s for SIXT Rent A Car. The 600+ horsepower “Shelby GT-S” announced today in Southern California is the first supercharged V8 powered Shelby rental car offered by a national chain in history.

The fleet of Shelby GT-S Mustangs will be painted in SIXT’s orange and black colors, with the first 20 cars to be available for rent at select Southern California, Southern Florida and Las Vegas locations. The Shelby GT-S sports cars will be built by Shelby American at its Las Vegas facility for rental in the summer of 2019. Each rental fastback will be powered by a supercharged 5.0L V8 and 10 speed automatic transmission. Shelby tailored the suspension to maximize the car’s capabilities without sacrificing ride quality. The Brembo brakes have impressive stopping power to match the Shelby’s amazing power. The exterior features proprietary bodywork, SIXT badges and stylish wheels, while Shelby touches can be found throughout the interior. Many of the components were developed specifically for SIXT’s Shelby GT-S program.

Every Shelby GT-S will receive a Shelby serial number and be included in the official Shelby Registry.  Read on inside for more photos and specs.


2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Enrollment Program Provides Insight on Allocations and Production Limits

The 2020 model year Shelby dealer enrollment program info has been communicated to dealers and it gives us some insight into how GT350 and GT500 Mustangs will be allocated to dealers and the production limits on certain models/configurations.

2020 GT500 production is estimated to be approximately 5000 units while the 2020 GT350 will be limited to 2800 units.  Check out more details in the bulletin.

How Ford Made the GT500 and GT350 the Right Kind of Loud

This is a great deep dive into how Ford engineered the GT500 to sound great to both its driver and bystanders — from the active noise-cancellation system, to finding the right amount of primary and secondary harmonics, to defeating the drone at 6000 RPM, Ford engineers paid some serious attention to getting the GT500 to sound just right.

GT350 owners shouldn’t feel left out as there’s also some great insight into development of the GT350’s sounds. Check out the great insights inside!

ARMYTRIX Decat / CatBack Valvetronic Exhaust for Mustang GT

Don’t need to run both cats with your aftermarket exhaust? ARMYTRIX has introduced their decat / catback exhaust with remote valvetronic function.

Offered in both dual and quad tipped versions, the ARMYTRIX Mustang GT exhaust systems drops one cat for more flow and also weigh less than OEM exhaust. The systems are fabricated from T304 stainless steel and TIG welding.

The exhausts also come with a open/close valve system activated via remove control, all of which is controlled using an OBDII plug-in dongle system. Check out the details, photos and video/sound clips inside.