805RWHP EcoBoost Mustang Sets World Record!


Congratulations to our good friend, Jessie Ringley, for eclipsing the 800rwhp mark in his EcoBoost Mustang!

Jessie is an Engineer at the University of Tennessee, and the owner of Engineered Motorsports Solutions in Rogersville, TN.

After 5 years of R&D, testing, breaking, redesigning, etc. And with the help of some great like-minded people. Jessie is now the current record holder for the EcoBoost Mustang platform!

As a friend and a sponsor of this program, I’m honored to have been involved since the early days & proud that Jessie stuck with it & has helped the platform so much.

His 2021 goals include running an 8 second quarter mile time 💪💪💪 Please join me in congratulating Jessie on this achievement and wishing him success on running that elusive 8 second quarter mile pass!!!